The Ashley Bean Band: Grabbing Your Attention With Rock And Roll

IMG_0401 (1)

The Ashley Bean band.  Ashley is the center of attention, even with her band name.  Her looks, her voice, her songs, all are testimony to this gifted singer/songwriter.  During our work together for this project, Ashley shared some of her music with me, and I watched her videos on You Tube.  The accompanying band plays well, and the unit as a whole delivers rock and roll as it should be.  Read below to learn more about The Ashley Bean band.

Ashley Bean9

  1. What does the name of your band mean to you?  I named it Ashley Bean Band for myself.
  1. What music and/or bands influenced you the most?    Nirvana, Evanescence, Alice n Chains, and Joan Jett.
  1. If you had to pick one song, what would be your favorite and why?  That would be hard cause there are so many songs that I like.
  1. How long has the band been together?   It started off with just me as a solo artist and then later I got members to come on board so a little over 2 years.
  1. If you could speak to a young person that was considering pursuing a career in music like your group, what advice would you give them?  Never give up no matter how hard it may be.
  1. What are the band member’s names and ages?  Ashley Bean 23, Mark Kline 24, Blake Schmider 24.
  1. If you had to classify your music into a genre, what would you call it?   Rock.
  1. What are some challenges that your band has had to overcome? Getting our name out there.
  1. What makes your band stand out from all the other bands out there today?   We have been told that our music is different and stands out from a lot of the other bands.

(Yes, that is her Camaro!)

  1. What would you like listeners to know about your band?  We like to hang with our fans at shows.
  1. Do you do any covers and if so, who do you like to cover?  We do one cover that is “I hate myself for loving you” by Joan Jett.
  1. Do you write your own lyrics or is there someone outside the group that writes them for you?  I writes both the lyrics and my guitar part, and then the band comes together to write the rest of the music together.
  1. Of all the places you have performed, which is your favorite and why?  Freaksters RoadHouse because the fans and the people that work there are awesome; really loving people and its a great venue to play.

Ashley Bean12

Short and to the point, Ashley lets the music speak for itself.  This is classic American rock and roll.  Like Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, Ashley is accompanied by talented musicians, interesting lyrics, and an image you wont soon forget.

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