Circuit Static: EDM With A Twist

Departing from heavy metal for a moment, Circuit Static is another “spot in between” from my tag line.  Musical entertainment comes in many forms, and Circuit Static is one of them.  From video game music and effects, to trance music, Circuit Static has developed a reputation and catalog of the best electronic music available.

What does the name of your band mean to you?
The name “Circuit Static” is from a combination of my old DJ name and an old nickname / hacker handle. I recently started using this name when I started releasing music in stores. Keeping in mind I am a single member ‘band’
 20 Years of Circuit Static -small
What music and/or bands influenced you the most?
Aphex Twin, Daft Punk, Project Pitchfork, Underworld, Wumpscut — to name a few
If you had to pick one song, what would be your favorite and why?
Ocean of Whispers by Project Pitchfork. I think it does a brilliant job of blending a sort of euphoric depression & a classical sound. It is also one of the longest running songs that has stayed on my playlist.
How long has the band been together?
I have been doing music for 20 years, but have only officially been releasing music in stores for a year almost exactly (as of 8-3-2015)
If you could speak to a young person that was considering pursuing a career in music like you, what advice would you give them?
Don’t let ANYONE give you doubts by telling you how hard it is. Yes! It is hard, but do not doubt yourself… That, and I know lots of people who became musicians that started out writing music in their cubicle or likewise at their day-job, most people aren’t famous overnight. Most of all, have fun with it!
What are the band member’s names and ages?
Chisholm “Circuit Static” Morris – 32
If you had to classify your music into a genre, what would you call it?
Multi-Genre? lol . But seriously, I would say the majority of my music most closely relates to EDM “Electronic Dance Music”. Despite the fact that I have songs that have varied widely from that genre.
What are some challenges that you have had to overcome?
Self-doubt (which is why it took my 19 years to start ‘officially’ releasing music), Finance (making events & music is expensive!), Time (it can take a while to make good music, working a day job too cuts into that)
What makes you stand out from all the other artists out there today?
I do multiple genres from a wide range, in addition to composing instrumental scores & Chiptune style Video Game Music. Most musicians I know of stick primarily to a single genre.
What would you like listeners to know about you?
I am going to be doing a bunch of celebration around my 1 year anniversary for published music, and 20 years of music creation the first part of August 2015. Be sure to look for my “20 Years of Circuit Static” album.
Do you do any covers and if so, who do you like to cover?
I have in the past for practice, but try to avoid them now. Many of my covers would be considered original remixes. My first cover was the Axel F theme from Beverly Hills Cop by Harold Faltermeyer.
Do you write your own lyrics or is there someone outside the group that writes them for you?
The only lyrics used in any of my music right now are sound samples, my music is not lyric heavy. I have written lyrics to some music, but have not found the singer I desire to perform them yet.
Of all the places you have performed, which is your favorite and why?
I haven’t done any performances of just my original works. I used to do DJ sets (and occasionally throw in some of my older music). In that case I would say Red, White & JAM! which was an Electronic festival in Elko Nevada.

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